[ubuntu-uk] Wanted: Podcast transcribers

Fintan Gaughan fgaughan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 09:42:07 BST 2008

Can I just say thank you everyone for volunteering to transcribe podcast.
As a deaf man my self I do really appreciate this and I will be
notifying deaf lug.
The hard part is the timing and guessing whos who speaking but try not
to worry about this as I am sure people will
help or just put ? or unknown speaker.
once its written other language translators  will find it easy as they
don't have to listen but read the transcript and translate it
And please dont forget to add your name at the end of it and email
address (you don't have to If you don't want to)  so you know how much
we apracte this.
Subtitles on TV does this and I know they get emails.

This sort of thing was talked  at LUGRadio but they gone off the idea
, don't know why but I cant complain as its a free service.

But anyway I thought id write and thanks to you all for comming up
with this idea.



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