[ubuntu-uk] Wanted: Podcast transcribers

Philip Stubbs philip at stuphi.co.uk
Wed Jun 25 21:24:53 BST 2008

2008/6/25 Stephen O'Neill <squid at thefloatingfrog.co.uk>:
> Good idea ... plus we need a style guide - including things like talking
> over, indicating pauses, saying who's speaking, stage directions etc.
> I presume that plain text would be simplest to author, although XHTML or
> XML will obviously be easier to reformat for different media.

Do you want to write one? As Alan said, plain text will be a good
starter. Maybe once one episode has been transcribed, we can then
think about how it will be used. Personally, I think it would be good
to be able to format a version of it in LaTeX for a printable version
in addition to the web.

Philip Stubbs

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