[ubuntu-uk] Wanted: Podcast transcribers

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Jun 25 14:36:01 BST 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 13:31 +0100, Stephen O'Neill wrote:
> This is the sort of thing I could do, but couldn't guarantee due to time
> etc.

Sure, that affects us all, so it would be great if we could have a
"team" of people who did it, and organised it amongst themselves. From
our point of view we'd love to just hand over the ogg/mp3 and let the
transcribers team get on with it.

> Have you any idea how many words there are in the podcast?

Not a clue :) However it _is_ a relatively fixed duration of 40 mins if
that helps. Sometimes we do speak a bit too quickly, and we do get
people on for whom English is not their first language. I guess if there
are any words that it's not easy to understand you can always ask us for
confirmation or leave a known block of text like **UNKNOWN** in so we
can search and replace with the right word.

>  I will try
> transcribing a bit at the weekend and see how long it takes and then
> give you an answer!

Excellent stuff. If you start with episode 1 then any work you do wont
be in vain! (on the assumption nobody else has already started) :)

> The thing I would find hardest is working out the names of the speakers.

We put our names in the website, but it wouldn't hurt for us to each
give a 30 second "showreel" which has one person talking at once so you
can get used to what we sound like?

> Out of interest, what's your specific purpose? - accessibility, text
> searching?

Both :)

Accessibility and google juice. 

I don't know how many other Linux-related podcasts that there are, but I
would bet not many have transcriptions, and I'm certain no other Ubuntu
ones do :) So it would be a nice selling point for us too, to be the
only ones catering to people with hearing difficulties.

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