[ubuntu-uk] Post install additions

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Jun 24 13:24:17 BST 2008


Here's a question for the group. If you install a clean Ubuntu system
for yourself (or perhaps someone else), what are the key things you add
to the system after, to get a "works for me" desktop?

Here's my list:-

Add the following repo(s):-

	Medibuntu, banshee ppa

Install the following apps:-

	ubuntu-restricted-extras - flash and other evil stuff
	ssh - to remotely logon to each machine
	gtk-recordmydesktop - to make screencasts
	skype - to make calls
	banshee-1.0 - downloading podcasts and music manager
	liferea - rss news reader
	audacity & ardour - audio editing
	gnome-do - fast launcher
	avant window navigator - nice task management
	Virtualbox & qemu & kvm - virtualising
	samba - to access my shared data on other machines
	zattoo - to watch live telly
	mythfrontend - to watch recorded telly (and live sometimes)
	Adobe Air (pre requ for..)
	Twhirl - Adobe air based twitter client
Firefox extensions

	adblock plus - block ads
	foxmarks - to sync bookmarks
	web developer toolbar - to debug web pages
	stumbleupon toolbar - for when I'm bored

Add data

	Pidgin logons - for msn
	ssh keys - to let me logon to machines without passwords

Optional extras I don't _always_ add but often do:-

	Wireshark - for diagnosing network issues
	Google earth - to spy on you all
	ffmpeg (from medibuntu) - to do audio/video encoding

Often all of that lot can be added in a few minutes, many with one
apt-get line - which I love :)

So what do you add to a stock install? What have I missed out?

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