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2008/6/21 Andrew Oakley <andrew at aoakley.com>:

> James Grabham wrote:
> >     Dell Vostro 1310?- business grade, should have decent compatibility-
> > They start at £250, plus VAT, plus £60 delivery!   Far too expensive,
> > shame, I'd love one.
> Ring them. Explain your total budget is £300 and not a penny more.
> They'll almost certainly knock the price down, especially this time of
> year (the business people who buy laptops in bulk are on holiday this
> time of year, and the home market doesn't pick up till nearer
> Christmas). Be cheeky and ask if they can throw in dual core AND
> delivery for 300 notes.
> Mention you're happy to have Vista Home (it's not like you'll be running
> DX10 games on a low-end desktop), since you plan to dual-boot into
> Ubuntu anyway.
> I've had a Dell Inspiron 1520 for about 6 months now, total Ubuntu
> bliss; everything works. Dell even gave free laptops to Ubuntu
> developers for Hardy development.
> A friend at work has a Vostron, they're lovely solid reliable machines.
> And with Dell you know the hardware drivers will work with Ubuntu.
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> Andrew Oakley
> I have a Dell Inspiron 1525, all great upgraded very easily to Hardy Heron.
> But I don't play games etc....I think it started at £299 then I got rid of
> the Celeron processor for something else- my son changed it for something
> else Dell was offering so it came out a bit higher.


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