[ubuntu-uk] Copying files from a reiser3 partition to LVM problem

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 01:16:25 BST 2008

>> I had this a couple of years back on a Linux backup server which I used
>> to copy PC backups to.  Turns out it was because it was full of little
>> files they took up lots of room.  Not sure if you have lots of smaller
>> files on your disc that could be doing this.  Could you try tarring
>> everything into one big tar file to see if it does the same thing?
> Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion to see what would happen
> and indeed creating a tar file seems to work fine and creates a tar
> file with almost the exact same amount of space as the source drive. I
> don't understand why lots of files in a reiser3 filesystem taking up
> 436G space end up taking up lots more space (> 530G) when copied to
> another reiser3 filesystem. Unfortunately the files in tar format are
> not much use to me.
> Is there any way I can copy the files over? Why is more space required?
I don't know about Reiser, but on other file systems  you can specifiy 
the block/cluster size, if this isn't the same on both of your 
filesystems, then there would be more slack space on the destination, 
which would have the effect you're seeing...

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