[ubuntu-uk] Sir Alan Sugar: "it's too late" for Linux

Dave Walker davewalker at ubuntu.com
Sat Jun 21 09:17:41 BST 2008

Josh Blacker wrote:
> Something of an, er, interesting comment beginning 7:11 on this video:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7462104.stm
> The rest of the video is pretty boring, including the preceding section
> on 'Is Microsoft a monopoly?'.

I haven't watched this clip, but according to his interview on the
programme that was on last night, he admits that he made a mistake not
using Microsoft software on his Amstrads.  He was of the opinion that he
was making the hardware and shouldn't have to pay for something such as
software.  Funny how he once thought that, and now thinks differently.
He thinks that it's too late to have another mainstream OS - clearly he
 hasn't been watching the trends (especially) in MacOS over the last 5
years, and more recently Linux gaining popularity on the desktop

But hey, would you trust someone's opinion that made that mistake then?
 After all Linux wasn't a viable option, and the arguably (IMO) better
OS - Amiga Workbench was hardware specific - like Mac is today.

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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