[ubuntu-uk] Compiz-Fusion

John Taylor john.68taylor at btinternet.com
Thu Jun 19 12:50:42 BST 2008

Andrew Oakley wrote:
> Ted wrote:
>> John Taylor wrote:
>>> Can get the screen to pivot centrally, screen to wobble etc, but no 
>>> **??!! cube
>> In General Settings do you have number of desktops set to 2...I have 
>> Horizontal size 4, vert size 1 and number of desktops 2
> Correct answer.
> The geometry of the "pivoting" (rotating) desktop virtualiser in Compiz 
> is related directly to the number of horizontal sides. In Ubuntu this 
> defaults to 2, which gives you a geometric plane with a front and back.
> A cube has 4 workspaces (horizontal sides) plus a top cap and bottom cap.
> An easy way of setting this whilst Compiz is running, is to right-click 
> the Workspace Switcher on your Gnome panel, select Preferences and 
> change the number of Columns (to 4, for a cube; total 6 sides when you 
> include the top cap and bottom cap).
> There are other possibilities, such as an extruded triangle (3 
> workspaces), extruded pentangle (5 workspaces), extruded hexagon (6 
> workspaces) and so forth. I got up to at least 12 workspaces (extruded 
> dodecagon) before I got bored, and both the Intel i965 and Nvidia 
> GeForce2 graphics cards coped fine with that. If there is an upper 
> limit, it must be a pretty silly one.
> For ease of use, I typically set my number of virtual desktops to the 
> same as the number of workspaces of my "cube". In that way, if I ever 
> switch Compiz Fusion off (or it crashes - which rarely happens these 
> days), I still have the same number of desktops.
> I am entirely uncertain what effect the Rows preference has in the 
> Compiz Workspace Switcher. I can't see that it does anything at all, or 
> at least not with the Compiz "Cube".
Thanks Chaps, simple when you know how, will play for hours!



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