[ubuntu-uk] Compiz-Fusion

Ted ted at trufflesdad.plus.com
Thu Jun 19 11:08:51 BST 2008

John Taylor wrote:
> Have installed Compiz through the correct channel but it has not offered 
> me an initial cube even though all the correct box's in ccsm are ticked
> Can get the screen to pivot centrally, screen to wobble etc, but no 
> **??!! cube
> Have been on to web site and got the green OK's that machine is OK and 
> capable
> It must be a simple answer but I'm dammed if I can see it
> Any constructive ideas please?
> John Taylor
In General Settings do you have number of desktops set to 2...I have 
Horizontal size 4, vert size 1 and number of desktops 2

 Ted Wager
  High Peak UK
   Using Sidux Linux

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