[ubuntu-uk] (OT) New banking regulations

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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The only word that appears to be missing from section 12.9 is "Windows"!

Perhaps a little mail to the ombudsman to clarify things might not go a
miss?  Although I'd suspect that the wording is there for a "catch all".


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Interesting development.  I don't know how enforceable it is though.

Many of the ways in which bank accounts are compromised are simply through
the ignorance, technical or otherwise, of the user.

I guess it's a way to stop people complaining to bank when their PC is
overrun with viruses that have swiped their details.  On a linux machine
that's less likely to happen in the first place, so the chance of section
12.9 actually coming into effect is minimal.  However, I'd recommend making
sure your mail server does a virus scan, for social rather than technical
reasons.  That way I guess you can also claim you have up to date


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>I don't know if this has been discussed before (not been keeping as
> up-to-date with the list as I should!), but thought I'd flag up a change
> to the Banking Code here in the UK.
> The code reads:
> "Unless you have acted fraudulently or without reasonable care (for
> example, by not following the advice in section 12.9), you will not be
> liable for losses caused by someone else which take place through your
> online banking service"
> Section 12.9 says "Use up-to-date antivirus and spyware software and a
> personal firewall."
> Now, we have a built-in firewall (and I know many people on this list
> will have a box running ipcop, for instance), but I personally don't use
> AV software - for fairly obvious reasons. Anyone reckon "but I use
> Linux!" isn't going to be enough to make a bank take liability for your
> lost cash?
> Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jun/12/hitechcrime.law
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