[ubuntu-uk] 64-bit Kubuntu and Speedtouch modem

Matt Darcy ubuntu.lists at projecthugo.co.uk
Thu Jun 12 11:24:31 BST 2008

Wulfy wrote:
> I'm with Tiscali for my broadband.  They supply a Speedtouch 330 modem 
> to connect.  It's a USB modem...
> Currently, I'm running Kubuntu Hardy 32-bit and I'm thinking that with 
> Intrepid, I'd like to go 64-bit (my CPU is 64-bit).  That will require a 
> re-install rather than an upgrade, which is what I've been doing since Edgy.
> If I move all the speedtch* files, the dial script and the secrets files 
> to the appropriate places, will the modem still work with 64-bit 
> Kubuntu?  Or will I have to find 64-bit replacements?
> Also, I have it set up to dial in at boot.  KNeMo can see the modem, but 
> I can't find the /dev/ entry for it to use Kppp to control it.  This 
> means that, while I can manually call the dial script if lose my 
> broadband signal, I have no way to stop it but to reboot.  This can be a 
> problem if the connection doesn't work (connection is there but no data 
> flows). So I'd prefer to use Kppp and have starting and stopping the 
> connection more under my control.  Is that possible?

Moving the scripts is a fine way to keep your config, will the modem 
work, well that will depend on the compatability of the modem with the 
driver supplied in the later kernel on 8.04 and how stable that newer 
driver is in 64bit.

If the driver is a native driver in the kernel, I'd put money on you 
being fine, if it's a 3rd party or "restricted" style driver, well, try 
it and find out.


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