[ubuntu-uk] Wireless adapter not showing in Network settingsWas: Problems installing Ndiswrapper in Wubi 8.04

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    >I need to install ndiswrapper in Wubi 8.04. It is not available in the
    > native package list, and when I wired the laptop into the network, and
    > tried
    > "apt-get" I got the message that the "date-time stamp was too far in the
    > future"!!!!! Eh? How does THAT work?

    OK so I got Ndiswrapper installed, the Realtek 8187b Win98 driver is
    installed, if I issue all the modprobe commands, there are no errors. The
    GUI for Ndiswrapper tells me the drive is installed and the hardware is
    However, if I go to Network settings, the wireless adapter does NOT show up.
    I've tried forcing the load, everything. Still no-show.


  Have you followed instructions and done as below?
    a.. Install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 via your preferred method. 

    b.. From the terminal run: sudo ndiswrapper -i /your_path_to/wireless_driver.inf 

    c.. We now check if the driver has correctly installed. From the terminal run: ndiswrapper -l. If all is good you will see the following output: 

    sis163u : driver installed 

      a.. device (0BF8:100F) present 

    d.. Next we do the dependencies and load up the ndiswrapper kernel module. Run: sudo depmod -a followed by sudo modprobe ndiswrapper. This will load everything and allow you to use NetworkManager to check if any wireless networks are available. 

    Note: Rebooting will drop the module. 

    e.. To have the module loaded at every boot add ndiswrapper to a newline at the bottom of /etc/modules. 




Yep - done all that.
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