[ubuntu-uk] Slow Wireless

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat Jun 7 09:34:35 BST 2008


I've just installed Hardy on one of my PCs and I notice that the speed of my
wireless network is only 280kbps or thereabouts... when I'm running the same
PC on Windows it's around 1mbps.

I notice that I'm getting 25-50% wireless bars most of the time, so think
that might be the case - does weak signal mean slow speed?

Anyway, for some reason on Windows this wireless connection is "excellent"
(their term, not mine) and on Hardy it's weaker so that's one issue but
rather confused as to the very slow speed which makes it very difficult to
surf the web at all.

Anybody have any ideas?

It's a PCI wireless card... calls itself an Ralink RT2500...

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