[ubuntu-uk] Online banking

Stephen Hildrey steve at uptime.org.uk
Thu Jun 5 11:51:27 BST 2008

keith wrote:
> I've just upgraded to Hardy Heron and tried to access my online Natwest Bank page, only to be confronted with a message telling me that my browser (Firefox 3) is not acceptable.  I have spoken to the bank's online banking department and I might just as well have been speaking to next door's cat for all the help they were.
> Has anyone else come across this problem and been able to resolve it?

Download and install the User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox: 

Once you've restarted Firefox, do Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> 
Internet Explorer 7. Now Firefox tells the web server that it is IE7. I 
don't use that site but I predict it will work perfectly well :-)


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