[ubuntu-uk] Webcam poll - help required (please)

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Jun 4 14:27:22 BST 2008

I've been toying with an idea for a while now and wanted to run some of
it past you lot. However I'll start with a question:-

1. Do you have a webcam that is:-
	a) Accessible to you 
	b) Working
	c) Working in Ubuntu 

Assuming all are true, move on to step 2.
If any or all of the answers to 1 are "no", then feel free to stop
reading, I'm only really interested in people who have working webcams
for this test.

2. Could you please test this procedure:-
	a) Install VLC if you don't already have it

	sudo apt-get install vlc

	b) Plug-in your webcam
	c) Start VLC
	d) In VLC press CTRL+A

	Video device name: /dev/video0   (probably)
	Audio device name: /dev/dsp      (probably)

	e) Tick "Stream/Save" and press "Settings"
	Tick "Play locally"
	Tick "File" and choose ~/foo.mpg as the filename
	Encapsulation method MPEG 1
	Video Codec: mp2v
	Audio Codec: mpga
	f) Click "ok" in the "stream output" dialog
	g) Click "ok" in the "Open" dialog.

At this point your webcam should burst into life, vlc will start
recording to ~/foo.mpg the video from the webcam and with any luck the
audio from your microphone.

You may need to play with the mic/mixer to see make this work.

You can stop recording with the "stop" button in VLC. To start
re-recording (over the top of the file) press "play".

Note 1: You may notice a delay between you talking/moving and it
appearing on the local video output, but it should all be in sync on the
video file.

Note 2: You may notice a green flash at the start of the video. I get
this, and I _think_ it's because the webcam doesn't wake up quick enough
before vlc starts grabbing frames.

Could you please tell me:-

A) What hardware you used (specifically the webcam)
B) Did this work?
C) If it didn't, what went wrong?
D) Did you find it relatively easy to do?
E) Did you get the green flash at the start of your video?

If you want to make the video available for us to laugh at / evaluate,
please do :)

Here is mine:- http://popey.com/~alan/foo.mpg

For reference I used a Philips Toucam 740K webcam at 640x480, and the
built in mic on my Toshiba laptop.

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