[ubuntu-uk] choice of laptop

Matt Jones matt at mattjones.me.uk
Tue Jun 3 18:58:23 BST 2008

norman wrote:
> In the fairly near future I expect to have a hip replacement which will
> mean that I will not be able to sit at my desktop computer for several
> weeks. So, I am thinking of getting a laptop computer that I can use
> anywhere around the house until I am allowed to sit on the chair I
> normally use.
>  My main requirements will be access to the internet, email and news and
> some photographic work and, of course, a means of contacting my wireless
> router. I am wondering whether the Inspiron 1525 would be a suitable
> machine to get and would welcome helpful comment, please.
> Norman
The inspiron is quite a nice machine, the newer ones are much sturdier 
than the previous ones. The vostro business ones are quite nice too, 
very purposeful.

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