[ubuntu-uk] Home folder

Narrf stuart.parkington at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 2 20:24:12 BST 2008

> I use a Linux only machine with two fairly large hard drives.  Ubuntu is 
> installed on one and Kubuntu on the other.  On both distros I have 
> separate partitions for my home folders.  I mainly use Ubuntu.  A couple 
> of months ago the network/internet capability disappeared from Kubuntu 
> and I was unable to fix it.  Recently I decided that I would upgrade 
> Kubuntu to 8.04 even though my experience on my laptop with Ubuntu has 
> not been 100% successful.  My thinking was that I would at least solve 
> the network/internet problem.  So I reinstalled Kubuntu 7.10 and 
> upgraded via Adept.  It seems to have gone pretty well except that I was 
> obviously not paying enough attention during the partitioning dialogue.  
> I have not lost the data on the separate partition but what used to be 
> my home folder is now only seen as a separate drive.
> Is there any way I can change the situation so that it is recognised as 
> the normal Home folder?
> Cheers,
> Keith.
You should be able to amend /etc/fstab so a dedicated disk and/or 
partition can be mounted as /home.

Take a look at:


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