[ubuntu-uk] a question regarding memory card!!!NON UBUNTU related!

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon Jun 2 20:32:40 BST 2008

>> Hi,
>> I apologise for putting a non ubuntu related query here...but ive done a
>> search but couldnt find any answers. I was hoping someone would be able to
>> answer here! I apologise in advance for the non ubuntuness of this topic.
>> i recently bought a memory card (sandisk 4gb) but have been sent a memory
>> card (pulse 4gb sdhc),
>> Are their products any good?
>> Regards
> As long as the device works, I would guess they are probably the same
> thing, just a different label..
I'm pretty sure Sandisk don't make stuff for anyone else. I'd bet that 
the retailer sent you the Pulse as they were out of Sandisk cards.
What you do depends on how you feel about it and what you paid for it. 
Sandisk media usually commands a premium as it solid kit (which is why 
all the cheap Chinese fakes are branded as Sandisk. If you got it cheap 
and you don't mind, then keep it. Personally, I'd send it back  and 
demand what I'd ordered and paid for...



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