[ubuntu-uk] Alfred Lakudzala has sent you a Desktopdating invitation

Matt Jones matt at mattjones.me.uk
Thu Jul 31 14:41:54 BST 2008

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 2:35 PM, Alfred Lakudzala
<buoyantlife at yahoo.co.uk>wrote:

>  *Alfred Lakudzala has invited you to Desktopdating*   Hi,
> I have just joined the Desktopdating network. I wish to invite you to
> Desktopdating as well.
> See you at Desktopdating
> *Alfred Lakudzala*
>      [image: Accept Invitation]
> Click here to accept the invitation<http://invite.desktopdating.net/invite.php?tMXO39Ti1rzN1OiJw8nZ0+fg8pLu2cPp1+Lckdreq+DY49jUot7Q3NLZ6JnX3t3ihPKq2s3WyteLwNDb2cXuytrI4ojxzene6cXP6NXXzcml7Mzc3t+SxOOX49LiiPGdpJ+okZGrlqGY>
>  Already a member of Desktopdating? Visit to prevent further reminders of
> this invitation<http://invite.desktopdating.net/unsubscribe.php?3Mba4d/pnOXPoeDS4dvXk+jN6d3k2Y/X2NuTlpWsmaWooJKZrJekk5aVo6Ohn6eRlKWV0pTN0+nU6NSclY+klZuYkJal>
> Prefer not to receive invitations from Desktopdating members? Block
> further invitations<http://invite.desktopdating.net/unsubscribe.php?3Mba4d/pnOXPoeDS4dvXk+jN6d3k2Y/X2NuTlpWsmaWooJKZrJekk5aVo6Ohn6eRlKWV0pTN0+nU6NSclY+klZuYkJal>
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And tool of the month award goes to....
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