[ubuntu-uk] Software Freedom Day, 20 September 2008

Tim Dobson personalwebsite at army.com
Wed Jul 30 18:55:26 BST 2008

Lucy wrote:
  >>  Will that group allow giving out of Ubuntu CDs?
> Hmm, difficult one ;)
> Personally, I would love to give out Ubuntu CDs. Unfortunately, when I
> made the suggestion on the list others weren't so keen ;) We will
> definitely be giving out the openDisc and gNewSense CDs and I'm hoping
> to eventually convince the others involved in organising the event
> that we should give out Ubuntu CDs too.

Haha. :)
Let's just say there are several people who favour giving out Ubuntu CDs 
and some who think it counter the aims of the day.
I am unclear about where I stand, though giving people all 3 discs might 
be my preferred stance.
In the end this is something that MFS will probably decide for itself - 
I don't particularly think it's for me to comment on.

One thing Lucy didn't mention was Free The Library[1] our mooted event 
to celebrate Software Freedom Day.

It's ambitious, but if it carries through there could be considerable 
press coverage. Take a look!

All the Best,


[1] http://groups.fsf.org/index.php/Free_The_Library_2008

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