[ubuntu-uk] Dual booting (Was: Re: Bug Day)

Scrase, Eddie escrase.uk at Wentworthlabs.com
Wed Jul 30 11:43:24 BST 2008

> > One thing that I found useful in making the transition was to set
> > Linux as the default option in grub (I think this might be done
> > automatically nowadays anyway)
> Ubuntu will be set to be the default. If your dad gets annoyed at
> to catch the Grub menu every boot in order to run Windows, it's
> possible to edit grub.conf to make Windows the default - this might
> help the parent acceptance factor :-)

I've done that, but be warned that when the Ubuntu updates the kernel it
adds two entries to the Grub menu but doesn't update the default entry
so you will find yourself booting into a old Ubuntu kernel instead of
Windows XP... :-(

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