[ubuntu-uk] ISPs

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Jul 30 08:48:15 BST 2008

RichardA wrote:
>> For bandwidth monitoring you could use a program that can handle SNMP like
>> nagios.
> Isn't Nagios overkill for something like this?
> Typing these just before powering down the PC would save the date and
> the amount of traffic for that session in a text file:
> date +%F >> net_traffic.txt
> ifconfig | grep -m 1 "RX bytes" >> net_traffic.txt
> But this is incredibly ugly. Maybe someone could post a better command,
> and which file to put it in to have it executed automatically at
> shutdown?
> -- Richard

Or if you're lucky your router will give you an idea of the bandwidth 
used.  In other cases sometimes your ISP might have an online monitor. 
Enta has a pretty good bandwidth monitor so I know exactly how much 
bandwidth I'm using.  I haven't gone over my limits yet but I have come 


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