[ubuntu-uk] Compiz Fusion stopped working

Dianne Reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 29 15:04:31 BST 2008

I've just noticed that my compiz fusion special effects have stopped
working. The cube doesn't turn when I  change desktops, or when I click
and drag; the windows aren't wobbly; if I hit CTRL the cursor is
highlighted but with solid rings rather than a graduated ring. 

The settings still seem OK, I haven't made any system changes, the only
updates are the ones that have come through the normal updates, and I
don't remember seeing compiz (though I may have missed it as I don't
always remember to read all the updates included). 

My video card is nVidia, I haven't changed the driver, and there are no
other video problems. PC memory seems to be OK.

I'm using Ubuntu 8.04, compiz (which is the latest according to
Synaptic, although I think there's a later one on the compiz site). I've
looked at the troubleshooting on various sites, but can't find an
answer. I realise this is just eye-candy, but I do miss it!

Where can I start to track down the problem?


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