[ubuntu-uk] Bug Day

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Jul 29 12:11:07 BST 2008


Having asked around members of the Ubuntu UK community there has been quite 
a luke warm response to the idea of a bug jam (global one scheduled for 
8th-10th August). I thought there might be something like 30-50 people 
interested in attending a physical event, but after discussion it seems that 
10 is a more realistic figure.

First issue (as always) is a location. I've looked at places in London, and 
even seriously considered holding it at my house in Farnborough, Hampshire, 
and combining it with a BBQ. However our kitchen rebuild is overrunning, so 
this is not going to happen.

August is also a tricky month. Many people are on holiday, kids are off 
school, and generally people have their minds on other things. Traditionally 
many LUGs have lower turnouts at meetings in August than other months. 

If a LUG is having a meet on that day then it might be good to turn up to 
that, and do the bug jamming there.

The other option that is worth considering is the Pembury pub in London. We 
could go there on either Sat or Sun or both during the day. They have Wifi 
and plenty of space to set out laptops and jam.



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