[ubuntu-uk] ISPs

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Mon Jul 28 22:46:27 BST 2008

James Grabham wrote:
> Now I for one AM NOT paying someone to invade my privacy be logging what 
> IPs I visit, so TalkTalk are getting the boot.
> What do others use/recommend?  Unlimited Downloads is a must. Static IP 
> would be a plus


Free static IP on request
25 quid a month "up to" 8mbit
30GB/month 8am-midnight
450GB/month midnight-8am (yes, four hundred and fifty gigabytes)
"Proud to be Phorm free"

Rock solid, haven't been offline in years.

As well as the usual phone/email/ticket support, there's a very good 
forum which is used by staff and users alike.

Andrew Oakley

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