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Matt Jones matt at mattjones.me.uk
Wed Jul 23 21:22:12 BST 2008

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 9:02 PM, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:

> Rob Beard wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > I'm on the lookout for a laptop for work which I can dual boot with
> > Vista & Ubuntu.  I'm not fussed if it's an AMD or Intel based laptop but
> > I would like something with at least 1GB memory, an 80GB or higher hard
> > drive and a dual core CPU.
> >
> > I just wondered if anyone could suggest such a laptop?
> >
> > I was looking at the eSystem notebook at £279 from PC World with the 13"
> > screen but unfortunately it's not very well supported on Ubuntu.
> >
> > Other options I was thinking of was the Acer Aspire 2920 with a 12.1"
> > screen or some of the HP Turion based notebooks at around £350.
> >
> > The most I can really afford is about £375 although I could stretch to
> > £400 if it's got a smaller screen (I'd really like something with a 12"
> > to 14" screen so it's easier to lug around) or a quicker CPU etc.
> >
> > Just wondered if anyone knew of anything around at the moment that would
> > come close?
> >
> > I did have a look at Novatech's site, they seem pretty good at £300
> > without an OS but I wasn't sure about the on board SIS video card and if
> > it is well supported or not on Linux? (in a case of a notebook without
> > OS, I could get an OEM copy of Vista separately).
> >
> > Unfortunately Vista is going to be a requirement as I have to support it
> >   at the sites I'm covering.
> If you have one of their retail outlets near to you (or know somebody
> who is near to them) you could consider novatech
> http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/
> The big reason to keep them in mind generally is that they are unusual
> in pricing their PCs both with and without Windows. I bought my recent
> desktop from them, without OS, at least to support them.
> In other ways they are a conventional Windows house, although one low
> end laptop was explicitly advertised  in their newslettera few months
> ago as 'Runs Ubuntu', and it caused a minor stir in news items.
> Their few retail outlets are peaceful, organised places, not crowded
> because their main business is online, and it should be easy to get
> permission to run live CDs at least, for systematic tests there. It
> would also have the advantage that the staff would see ubuntu, as a
> potential sale, raise profile, etc etc etc.
> just a thought.
> Good luck
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The cheapest 12" is £468, only the 15.4" ones are within his budget. I have
a novatech laptop, the enormous P4 thing mentioned earlier. It is a rebadged
Gericom, the same as many other small resellers sell. The build is Ok, but
getting parts is a nightmare, probably due to them being sold under many
different names.

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