[ubuntu-uk] swap space (??) issues - firefox etc.

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Wed Jul 23 09:12:34 BST 2008

I installed Hardy on this laptop on Monday morning and now have real issues.

When the machine has been running a while things stop working, in
particular Firefox which starts but disappears into oblivion (ie.
never displays on screen, despite the fact it's there on ps -fe) and
Epiphany comes up with a box saying "Crash Action" or something with
nothing in it (!)

"atop" shows SWP in red - the issue appears to be the "vmcom" column
which has risen to 2GB, despite the fact that "free" is showing about
70% of the total swap space.

What does this all mean?  Has anybody else had similar and if so what
is it that I need to do to stop it happening?

Not currently in that state as a lack of browsers to investigate meant
I had to reboot, but it's happened 2-3 times.


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