[ubuntu-uk] Anyone from Derby on the list?

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Tue Jul 22 23:02:18 BST 2008

John Levin wrote:
> Thought we met on the Saturday?
> <curses inability to remember names and faces>

Actually you may be right.  You were on the stand, right?  I came along 
and offered to help out.  I think I offered food. :)

> Yup, her. That's the South Derbyshire Lug, right?

That's us.  Funnily enough I was just saying to Darren, the guy I was at 
LRL with, that our LUG was pretty quiet and didn't get up to much.  I 
think it's a good reflection on the event that it seems to inspire people.

> The Linux Demo day will be held in around 4-5 weeks time; I'm trying to 
> arrange getting cds up there.

I'll try and get involved, although I have to balance my enthusiasm with 
my weekend family duties of course.  It would be good to build upon the 
momentum that getting us all together seems to have generated.

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