[ubuntu-uk] What would you like in a book..

James Hooker me at jameshooker.com
Mon Jul 21 17:19:44 BST 2008

Could be a good pamphlet? ... leaflet?... Blog Post?.... ahh well!

I switched my dear mad mother to Ubuntu, and she's been using it since

So I've just given her a call to ask her what she'd like to see in a

Some answers:

- How to find help.. I'd like to be able to send an email to someone to
ask for help, and someone answer with a suggestion as to where I might
find the answer.  (maybe explaining the concept of mailing lists)

- Simple terms explained/.. copy, pate, drag..

- Why do these windows all appear when I plug in my TomTom/Nokia?

Mum is a new-ish computer user (even though she can't copy and paste,
she can still use Synaptic... go figure!) and all books/guides/magazines
etc are aimed at new users assume the user has just popped down to PC
World - so all of the content (terms, screenshots etc) are all demo'd
with Windows.

Interesting about the devices coming up, and I can see for a new user
how confusing it could be if a TomTom is plugged in and it comes up with
a window full of random files saying "T1UKEURO" or something... (I've
been looking for a little GNOME app to tinker with, a TomTom updater
could be cool)

On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 16:54 +0100, Alan Pope wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 04:44:18PM +0100, James Hooker wrote:
> > Something most Windows users ask me when trying Ubuntu:  "Where's C:\!?"
> > 
> That will be a very short book.
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