[ubuntu-uk] What would you like in a book..

Dan Attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 21 16:53:20 BST 2008

I would like to see something that I could give my Mother in Law.

It would be big and colourfull with lots of nice pictures and nothing to
hard or geeky.

It would include

Updating with the gui
Using the internet/ firefox/ facebook
Using fspot/ getting pics from a camera/ printing said pics
Typing letters in open office
Instant messaging
Changing the wallpaper/ themes
installing new programs - possibly

Things it would not include

no commandline - ever
no how to install - I do that for her
no disscusion of the GPL/GNU/or any of that - she doesn't care
Any program that takes more then a couple of mouse clicks to set up

Really i'm thinking of something along the dummies guides. Rather then from
zero to hero, something from minus zero to competent gui user.

I've looked around for this book and it just doesn't seem to exist so theres
a defient gap in the market
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