[ubuntu-uk] Advice re 8.04 server edition

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 20 15:57:10 BST 2008

Jim Kissel wrote:
> The "problems" seem about what I would expect for a server install. 
> Spin down disk on a server - no thanks.  It's a server and I expect 7x24 
> service.

Jim >>> Thanks for your reply.  I'm just wanting a server to serve files 
(documents, images, and media) to our various machines at home on our 
LAN, and to run our music server and hold its library.  (No plans to 
stream video.)  As you see, I don't know a lot about setting up a server 
to do just this, so your point about not spinning down the discs is 
helpful (and I assume you're saying that instant access is more 
important than avoiding wear?)

I don't know how essential upnp is - any advice?  But I'm a bit 
surprised that automatic updating needs to be added - is that right?


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