[ubuntu-uk] Advice re 8.04 server edition

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 20 14:59:08 BST 2008

I'm thinking of having a go at setting up a file server and music server 
using 8.04 LTS.  Being a cautious type, I've been investigating what 
might go wrong (forewarned is forearmed!).  I came across the comments 
below (slighted edited) from someone who's reasonably tech-savvy, and 
wondered if folks here could give me some guidance on whether the 
comments are true and how much hassle someone new to servers (=me!) 
would have with the installation.

"On the other hand, I built a Ubuntu server last weekend. Here's a
selection of the things which caused me grief out of the box:
* No CPU power saving enabled
* No fanspeed control installed
* Needed to set noatime to allow discs to spin down (and had to set
discs to spin down!)
* Had to compile a upnp server from source, which took a few goes to
get right
* No automatic updates by default (!!) - had to install and configure
* cron-apt needed a working mail environment so then had to get exim
working , and then smtp auth, etc etc (that took a while)

I'm sure there was more I'm forgetting, but you get the idea. Now not
all of this is needed for everyone (though I would imagine much of it
is), and of course next time I need to build a box it'll go much
quicker as I know what I'm doing. But I always smile when people who
are clearly very knowledgeable in a field exclaim how it's so easy
anyone could do it - we forget what we're good at!"

I don't know whether I need to control CPU speed and fan speed or 
install a upnp server (??);  but automatic updates and having the discs 
spin down seem fairly basic requirements.  And it sounds like the guy 
above had a lot of hassle to set up automatic updates.

Any thoughts??



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