[ubuntu-uk] New Ubuntu LTSP installation at Exwick Community Centre - Exeter, Devon

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Jul 18 09:50:58 BST 2008

Mac wrote:
> Rob Beard wrote:
>> I've been involved with a project to install a computer suite at a 
>> Community Centre in Exeter....
>>  I'm hoping that when the suite is officially opened we could use it as a 
>> live demonstration site so other community centres and even businesses 
>> and educational establishments in the area can come along and give 
>> Ubuntu and Open Source software a try (and take away a free Ubuntu CD).
> Rob >>> Congratulations on bringing this very worthwhile project to 
> fruition.  You must be very pleased, and I bet the folk at the Community 
> Centre are delighted!  'Fraid I'm not near enough to Exeter to join in 
> the celebration at the opening, but I hope you have a great time, and 
> get lots of publicity from the local press, radio and TV.  :-)
> Mac

Thanks Mac, yeah it's been a long time from planning to actually 
becoming a working system.  Between us all working on this project we 
have a few contacts (one of the joys of working in radio for 2 years :-) 
so hopefully we'll be able to get some good coverage.  Especially 
considering it's only cost about £3500 in total (the bulk of that was 
the server, cabinets and new monitors).  Compare that to £10,000 that 
another community centre in the area spent on just 10 machines in a 
computer suite and it soon starts to look like a real saving.  I 
estimate even with another 4 machines it wouldn't cost anymore than 
another £500, and using a server built from components rather than a 
server from Dell would probably save another £500 to £1000.

Now I've got to look for another centre, ideally closer to where I live 
so I can do the same again (although hopefully on a cheaper scale using 
a home built server and not custom cabinets).

When the actual machines get installed in their final location I'll 
start taking some pictures for everyone to check out.  Yesterday was 
mainly a case of getting the server ready and testing one client machine 
(I was in a small office and didn't have hardly any room!).


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