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The problem was that PartitionMagic had renumbered the partitions, so that
grub's menu.lst did not match reality. using a live cd, I did thus:
* open terminal
* $sudo grub
* grub>find /boot/grub/stage1
* grub says> hd0,5
* grub>quit
* mount the disk via the file browser (click it)
* back to terminal
* cd /media/disk/boot/grub
* sudo gedit menu.lst
* change hd0,6 to hd0,5

(commands from memory, but should be enough for you to figure out if you run
into the same dark alley)

This follows the advice I saw in many forums, but most cases reported grub
wouldn't start at all. If that happens, you might need to reinstall it.
Since this was not my situation, I assumed the advice didn't apply. The
problem was that although grub loaded, and could boot windows, and all
partitions where there, their numbers had changed and didn't match the
descriptors in menu.lst.

HT dark otter for pointing me in the right direction.

Still have the other machine, but that seems like a tougher nut.
Anyone know of a good Ubuntu service lab in central London?

- Yishay

2008/7/18 Sean Miller <sean at seanmiller.net>:

> Are the Ubuntu partitions still there and working, Yishay?
> Try booting into a Live CD and see... there should be three I believe;
> one for swap, one for boot and one for the rest.
> If they are your issue is probably that the grub.lst now refers to the
> wrong partition... if it's a dual boot I'd expect it to be (hd0,1)
> with Windows on (hd0,0) but no experience of having used
> PartitionMagic or idea of what it's done to your install.
> What was it that your friend was trying to do with PartitionMagic?
> That might give us some clues.
> Sean
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