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taufanlubis ifanlbs at indosat.net.id
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On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 18:04 +0100, norman wrote:

> I have hit a snag. Using synaptic, I installed VirtualBox and it
> certainly starts up OK. However, after setting things up, I cannot start
> the virtual set up but get an error message saying that I am missing
> some kernel file. I must have missed something but I am not sure what it
> is. Could you help me please.
> Norman

If you are running VirtualBox with Gutsy there will be no problem.

In Hardy, some may got problems with it. 
For particular reasons, I'm still using Gutsy. All my devices are
working well.
But then, I got problem with my sound when I tried to upgrade to Hardy.

I've written few articles about Virtual box, may be it will be useful
for you.


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