[ubuntu-uk] run Windows XP in Ubuntu

Dark Otter hello at darkotter.com
Thu Jul 10 14:51:45 BST 2008

Much like Michael I also use virtual-box, but I would add that depending
on your circumstances you may need the PUEL edition. This is not open
source, but it is still free (as in beer) for personal use. The main
feature it has that the open source edition does not is that it can
share USB devices between the host and virtual computers.

If you decide you need the PUEL edition it is available as a .deb from
the virtualbox website. A little further tweaking is needed to get the
USb sharing working, there is a guide here. Note that the final step
(something like chown root:vboxusers /dev/vboxdrv) is not actually
needed (I didn't do it and it still works for me).
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