[ubuntu-uk] recommend some cheapish headphones for me! NON ubuntu related topic!!!

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Tue Jul 8 21:46:12 BST 2008

Bruce Beardall wrote:
> HMV do "Gumi" headphones for £7.99, although I haven't used them myself,

I have - I like them, very comfortable and great for speech and 
classical music. You can get them cheaper at Sainsbury's. Very light on 
the bass though, so not so good for pop music or games.

Instead, for cheap, lightweight, comfy and reasonable bass, I'd 
recommend  any of the Sony MDR G5xx series (eg. G52 or G57) with 
wrap-around neck band. A little over budget at around 12-15 quid but 
worth it. You can also carry out a normal conversation whilst wearing them.

If you want in-ear headphones with good bass, any of the ones with the 
sticky-in bit that actually goes down your outer ear canal will do the 
trick nicely, and you can get dozens of brands for seven quid.

For full-on enclosed padded headphones, you can't go wrong with Technics 
at that price bracket. Again, you'll spend 12-15 quid instead of 10, but 
your ears will love you. Just don't expect to be able to carry out a 
conversation with anyone else whilst wearing them.

Do give John Lewis a try for branded headphones. They have a price match 
guarantee and they're a co-operative (owned by the staff) so fit nicely 
with Free Software politics.

Andrew Oakley

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