[ubuntu-uk] Password recovery

Jason Liquorish jason at dropshock.com
Sun Jul 6 20:34:40 BST 2008

Jason Liquorish wrote:
> Keith wrote:
>> I've managed to get myself into a bit of a pickle and would appreciate 
>> any help.
>> I have a non-Windows machine with two separate hard drives.  Ubuntu is 
>> on one and Kubuntu on the other,  They are both partitioned with home 
>> directories on a separate partition.  There is an additional user on 
>> each distro.
>> On Friday a problem arose with the Kubuntu distribution which I couldn't 
>> resolve myself, so I decided to install v. 8.04.01, especially as it now 
>> included KDE 4.  All seemed to be OK until I tried to boot up Ubuntu 
>> which stalled and needed a CTRL-D to get to the desktop.  Not to worry, 
>> I thought, I'll reinstall with 8.04.1 which proceeded normally. 
>> However, when the other user tried to log in, Ubuntu would not accept 
>> the password.  I googled extensively but the only remedy I could find 
>> was to recover my own password, which was not applicable here and didn't 
>> help recover, or change, the password in question.  I even tried to 
>> "re-add" the second user but Ubuntu told me that the user already 
>> existed, etc.
>> So I'm stumped and if anyone can help me resolve the problem, I shall be 
>> very pleased.
>> Cheers,
>> Keith.
>> ---
>> Keith Bowerman,
>> Prestwood, south Staffs, England.
>> Using Ubuntu 8.04 on a Linux only machine
> If you boot to the recovery console then you have full root access. from 
> here you can run "passwd <username>" to change the password of that 
> user. I have had this problem before and it was worrying to find out how 
> easy it was to do this, although if someone has physical access to your 
> computer its as good as compromised anyway.
> Hope this helps =)
Seems my e-mail is being rather slow today =(

Jason Liquorish

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