[ubuntu-uk] BBC News - Stallman

Lucy lucybridges at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 11:02:28 BST 2008

On 04/07/2008, Bruce Beardall <bruce72 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think Softwarefreedomday is great but I still think we need more and
> something of a higher profile. Or am I just never satisfied? :-)

I think all the ingredients are there to make softwarefreedomday what
you described, but that it's up to us to make it higher profile.
Personally, I'm hoping that we will be able to have a really good
event organised in Manchester this year *fingers crossed*

Actually, I was talking to someone last night about this subject and
they argued that we are never going to get lots of people interested,
because it's such a niche subject that most people simply don't care
and/or don't have any interest in computing. I'm not sure if I agree
or not, but I think trying to move people towards free software is
still worth it, even if they don't know about the benefits.

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