[ubuntu-uk] Computer Weekly (was: BBC News - Stallman

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Fri Jul 4 10:08:27 BST 2008

James Hooker wrote:
> "Computer  Weekly" (or as I like to call it  "IT Manager's magazine
 > they read to justify slacking off")

Does anyone actually read anything inside it, other than the funnies on 
the back page and a quick glance through the vacancies?

With the news articles moved from the front page, replaced by a giant 
photo of Ugly Geek In The News This Week, I don't think I actually read 
any of the articles at all anymore. Many of the IT management articles 
seem to be puff-pieces for expensive jargon-de-jour training courses, 

I basically consider it to be a free Dilbert comic + pale imitation of 
BOFH + pale imitation of ComputerWorld.com Shark Tank + next week's 
animal bedding. My chickens probably read more of it than I do. But it 
does look terribly impressive on the coffee table when the wife's 
cliquey faux-middle-class playgroup mums come round.

The new less shiny paper is a great improvement, as this absorbs far 
more chicken wee and, when shredded, makes excellent nesting material 
(six chicks due to hatch out from a Computer Weekly-lined coop this 
Sunday; stops the hens from pulling out their own feathers to line the bed).

They should just replace the articles with some interesting geometric 
patterns to pique the chickens' interest, and save on journalist 
staffing costs.

Along the same lines, all freebie corporate t-shirts should be replaced 
by freebie corporate paint-and-decorating boiler suits, or freebie 
corporate pyjama tops. That's all anyone ever uses them for, anyway. I 
don't think I've actually bought any sleepwear since my first IBM 
exhibition in 1992.

Andrew Oakley

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