[ubuntu-uk] More Transcription news

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Jul 1 00:39:03 BST 2008


This will probably be my last mail about podcast transcription to the 
Ubuntu-UK mailing list.
The transcribers team now have a separate mailing list specifically for 
transcription of audio data. It's hosted on launchpad and is part of the 
transcribers team. 


I have cc:ed this mail to that list, making it (hopefully) the first mail to 
the list. Apologies if you're on both lists and see it twice.

Many thanks to all of you who expressed an interest in audio transcription. 
Since we decided to set the team up and get people transcribing I've been 
talking to other podcasters and other interested parties about the project. 

As I may have previously mentioned, I'd like to get other podcasts onboard 
so that we can widen the scope of the team, not just catering to the Ubuntu 
UK Podcast, but anyone who would like their podcast transcribed.

A good number of other podcasters have expressed an interest, which is great 

We have also hit a great milestone. Our first fully transcribed podcast! 
Thanks to the efforts of the Audio Transcribers team on launchpad, a full 
transcription of Episode 1 of Series 1 of the Ubuntu UK Podcast is now 


It's available in html and plain text format:-

http://linkpot.net/summerier/ - html
http://linkpot.net/brunted/ - txt

We will probably look at putting a copy of that directly on the website, so 
that people can find it easily. If anyone has suggestions on how we can 
improve the look and feel of the plain text and html too, suggestions 

For a 40 minute podcast it's a surprisingly small amount of text, which just 
goes to show how little typing can be required to make this work :) 

Time to crack on with the other episodes, to get the full set done for now, 
and ask once more if anyone would like to get involved, please join the 



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