[ubuntu-uk] OpenSSI on Ubuntu (with LTSP thrown in for good measure)

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 11:23:52 GMT 2008

Quoting Alistair Crust <alistair at skegnessgrammar.org>:

> On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 16:43 +0000, Rob Beard wrote:
> ... <snip>
>> Great thanks, I'll have a look.  I dare say the one server which we're
>> going to use (Core2Quad 2.4GHz with 4GB memory) will be over kill for
>> the 6 clients we're going to have attached, but the geek in me would
>> also like to play with clustering.
> We have 3 * HP Proliant DL140 G2 (Dual, dual core Zeons with 8Gb Ram)
> running 150~ clients. The interesting thing for performance is a really
> fast disk read, we use 2 * 18Gb SCSI ultra320 with RAID 1.
> How would you deal with users home directories? We have a dedicated
> server with NFS+NIS that allows the 3 LTSP Servers to mount home over
> NFS and authenticate from NIS. So as far as management or users go its a
> doddle, as you have all the users home directories etc in one place (for
> the paranoid, you could also load balance/failover these services too).

Well at the moment with one server I'm guessing the home directories  
will be on the main server, in fact I'm not sure if we're going to  
give the users any permanent storage space, but I guess in a clustered  
environment we'd have a dedicated server (possibly lower spec) for the  
home directories.


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