[ubuntu-uk] Unresponsive 'windows' and icons

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Tue Jan 29 14:49:02 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 14:39 +0000, reyasuk wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been using Ubuntu for a few months now and I love it.  I started
> with Feisty and upgraded to Gutsy when it became available.  When I've
> had problems I'm usually able to solve them myself by searching the
> internet and putting all the pieces together.  But this time I'm
> stumped and two weeks is long enough in the wilderness!
> Firstly, the notification area is not working properly, and most of
> the time the icons there do not respond.  Sometimes the first one will
> work with a right click but any additions don't work, although
> yesterday they were all working again and I have no idea why.  Today
> none of them are working.  Next on the list is aMSN, which I have
> uninstall and reinstalled more times than I care to remember, using
> every method I've come across. Then todiscgui, which is part of the
> tovid suite, and I have used this many times in the past with no
> problems (tovidgui works ok).  Both of these were working fine but now
> I cannot use the mouse within either of these programs.  I can click
> on the menu bar and the menus drop down but clicking within the drop
> down menu just closes it, and nothing within the window reacts to the
> mouse at all.  It is possible to navigate with the keyboard though,
> and the mouse functions properly in everything else I use.
> >From everything that I have been reading, I believe that it may be to
> do with the 'window' that the programs run in.  I have discovered that
> aMSN uses 'wish' but I have no idea whether this is where the problem
> lies.  In the course of my research I've also been introduced to tcl
> and tk but all that sort of scripting stuff is beyond my comprehension
> at the moment.  I also believe that python gets thrown into the mix
> somewhere as well.
> The only other problem that has happened recently is having to
> reinstall the nvidia drivers a couple of weeks ago when there was an
> update for xorg that seemed to cause problems for many others as well.
> But I can't say for certain if this is when the other problems
> started.
> Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.  It's
> so hard to explain a problem when you haven't got a clue what you're
> talking about, and it's even harder to search for!
> Many thanks, Jen

Hi Jen

Sounds like your having a fun time time there... :)

My first suggestion is to try disable the Advanced Desktop Effects
(compiz) is System->Preferences->Appearance, in the Visual Effects Tab. 
If that fixes it then at least we have an idea where the problem is
coming from...

My second suggestion is to try reconfigure xorg by typing sudo
"dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" in a terminal. There is also a command
something like "nvidia-xgl-config" or something that configures for
nvidia cards, but i cant remember exactly what is is...

Hope something here helps!


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