[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 33, Issue 51

Chris Oattes mailinglist at cjo20.net
Sun Jan 27 20:23:07 GMT 2008

Tony Arnold said the following on 27/01/08 19:24:
<cut long, pointless disclaimer>
> I wouldn't worry about it! Most e-mail disclaimers are completely
> pointless and wouldn't stand up in a court of law.
> The above says the contents should not be disclosed to any person who is
> not a named recipient. But you are not a named recipient and you've seen
> the content, so it's rather late reading the disclaimer!

The worst thing is, the disclaimer is about 3x as long as any useful 
content in the message. Is there / should there be a list policy of not 
allowing messages with the 10 lines of "IF YOU READ THIS YOU WILL DIE" 
attached to the end?


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