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Wed Jan 16 20:53:14 GMT 2008

drivers manager showed for this driver a status "not in use".

Opened a terminal in graphics mode and proceeded method 1 according to a
Manually checked / added the final changes in the xorg.conf file to assure
correct settings.

Default booting resulted in switching my screen to sleepmode.
Recovery booting followed by graphics mode resulted in a dark grey screen.
the fglrxinfo showed an Error: unable to open display :0 (f.y.i: proceeded
this from the commandprompt in textmode)

As I switch Runlevel with "telinit <Run Level Number>" using runlevel 3 I
noticed some text scrolling over my screen (to quick to read), and finally
ending up with a dark grey graphics screen again. Now Runlevel 3 in Ubuntu
seems the same as runlevel 5 (graphics mode multiuser), so this problem made
sense to me.

Unless anybody has some other suggestion worth trying, I'm planning to buy
me an MSI NVidia 7300GT or an MSI NVidia 7300LE hoping one of these will
properly work....

However, in present state suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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