[ubuntu-uk] how to change hdd/partition numbering

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Thu Jan 24 02:49:58 GMT 2008

Vitorio Okio wrote:
> Unfortunately it did not worked. Here is the actual output of my try.
> At the first run fdisk reported "partitions out of order" after printing 
> the partition table.  Then after applying 'x' and 'f' it reported that 
> partition order was successfully changed. 
> In reality though it left the partition table untouched. And it starts 
> from sda2, etc. as before the "fix".  The only difference is that fdisk 
> is now happy :-) and does not report "partitions are out of order" 
> anymore. 

Oops, I forgot to say actually that you will need to enter 'w' in fdisk 
(whilst in the main menu) to make it write the changes to disk.

> I am aware of another way that I is described in "Linux Partition HOWTO" 
> as a partition table recovery after deleting partition (and this is 
> exactly my case)  It also was advised me in another newsgroup.  It is 
> much harder though, since it involves the deletion of each of the 
> existing partition and careful recreation of them using new ordering 
> numbers but same partition data (start, end, units, etc.) from the 
> existing partition table.
> I'll give it try tomorrow.

That sounds a bit dangerous - does that work by recovering the partition 
structure after the partition table is changed/wiped?


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