[ubuntu-uk] Chocolate Oranges WAS: By way of introduction

Mark Burns mark at chaoswastes.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 00:26:54 GMT 2008

Thanks for the welcome guys!

(This message probably isn't going to help in the whole top/bottom post
thing at all.)

E wrote:
> Welcome to the group - as you've been a lurker for a little while now
> we'll expect full participation in all areas - especially those that
> go wandering off at tangent!

I'm sure I will be participating as fully as I can. Especially the
tangents, I love a good tangent me. Can be messy to peal sometimes tho.

Kirrus wrote:
> Another web dev! There is a couple of others around here somewhere :)
> What languages do you work in, if you don't mind me asking?

The usual suspects, I suppose. CSS, (X)HTML, PHP/MySQL and a bit of
Javascript. Although Javascript is not really  one of my strong points.
I seem to have got a reputation at my current employers for producing
good CSS-based, accessible and structured layouts. Well, that, and a
fair amount of moaning at the designer lol!

Kris Douglas wrote:
> I frickin' love chocolate oranges!
> Additionally..... OMG FLAME WAR!!! TOP POST WAR!

All hail Chocolate Oranges!!

On a side note, it might just be me, but I dont think Chocolate Oranges
will mix to well with a Flame War.

So I would like to suggest a brief ceasefire, so that all innocent
Chocolate Oranges may be moved a safe distance away from the arena.

Especially as melted Chocolate Orange in the arena, potentially causes a
clear and present danger to any non-combatant chocoholics in the

Question, Confront, Deviate, Destroy ...

Justified. What's your poison?

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