[ubuntu-uk] Chocolate Oranges WAS: By way of introduction

Kirrus kirrus at kirrus.co.uk
Sun Jan 20 22:43:58 GMT 2008

> > > Wandering off at a tangent? We never _ever_ do that! ;)
> >
> > /me thinks about breaking open a chocolate orange...
> >  
> > Ah, tap and unwrap..... I can taste it now :-)
> .... but the instructions now say "strike" not "tap" ....

Its more like smash on a hard surface, with great relish. At least, thats how I break mine...


ps Ian, can you try to not top post please? 
(Pretty please, with pink sugar icing on top?)

I apologise if this post contains more elaborate wording than I normally use. In the middle of writing a PBEM RPG post...

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