[ubuntu-uk] Home network configuration

Mark Allison home at markallison.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 07:41:04 GMT 2008

Thanks to everyone for your advice and help. I have managed to set up
the ubuntu server as a transparent caching proxy with web content
filtering. This is what I did:

Bought a netgear gigabit wireless router and a gigabit network card
for the ubuntu server. I configured the network as follows

Internet->DSL Modem->Ubuntu Server->netgear wireless router->Home LAN
(wired and wireless)

On the Ubuntu server I installed squid, dansguardian and shorewall to
configure the firewall. Works great and I can use the ubuntu server
for other things. The DSL modem has a firewall in it also so I am
double firewalled which is nice.

Thanks for all your help - I feel like I've achieved something setting
that lot up as I'm not a sysadmin.


On Jan 9, 2008 12:58 AM, Dave Murphy <dave at schwuk.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 19:16 +0000, Mark Allison wrote:
> > Thing is the Ubuntu server is not only used for firewall/filtering, I
> > use it for running BackupPC as well - can IPCop run that? I don't
> > however see the need to move to IPCop as the Ubuntu server does
> > everything I need it to.
> I'm a fan of specific devices, and IPCop makes gateways easy. Personally
> I'd move the server "inside" the network and put a cheap/small box in to
> run IPCop.
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