[ubuntu-uk] Init Level.

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Jan 14 23:03:52 GMT 2008


Andrew Jenkins wrote:

> Umm, there is no inittab file in my Ubuntu (7.10), that's what I 
> originally went looking
> for.  That was how Mandriva did it.

Ah! The startup system was changed from the old SysV rc.d system to
something else (upstart, I believe). My system has been upgraded all the
way from Warty, so the inittab stuff is still there. I guess yours is a
new install?

>> Alternatively, you could just remove gdm (or kdm) from the starting up
>> by using the update-rc.d command. Check the man page for details.
> I'm going to investigate this 'gdm' further as two of you have now 
> mentioned it.

gdm on Ubuntu is what displays the GUI log in screen. If you are using
Kubuntu then it is kdm.

>> More simply you could just hit Control-Alt-F1 after you've booted to
>> switch to a virtual console.
> Yes I know that but it still has to go through all the GUI startup first 
> and I was hoping
> to avoid that.

I thought you probably did but figured I would mention it any way!

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